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13th Nov 2023

Andrew Fitzsimons and Erica Cody team up for exciting new podcast

Kat O'Connor

Andrew Fitzsimons and Erica Cody are the dream team

Andrew Fitzsimons and Erica Cody have teamed up for the dream collaboration. The pair announced this morning that they’re launching a podcast together and we cannot wait to tune in.

The podcast, supported by Acast, is called ‘Unapologetic’ and fans won’t have to wait too long for the first episode.

Erica and Andrew confirmed the first episode of ‘Unapologetic’ will drop on Wednesday, November 15th.

The podcast invites the listener to join Andrew and Erica as they catch up over ‘transatlantic FaceTimes’.

The pair will natter about everything from pop culture, to answering the questions you’re too afraid to ask.

The pair announced the news on Instagram this morning.

“We’re SO thrilled to finally announce our brand new podcast Unapologetic with Acast which will be dropping this Wednesday!

“Join our transatlantic FaceTime catch-ups, chats about what’s going on in the culture, and answer those questions you’re sometimes too afraid to ask.”

Andrew and Erica have invited listeners to get involved with the podcast and are encouraging them to email ahead of the launch.

“So please get in touch with us at [email protected],” they asked.

“Goodbye shy, hello unapologetic – see you Wednesday,” the pair added.

There’s no doubt the podcast will be a huge success given the waves of support the pair received following the announcement.

Hundreds have been praising the duo following their major career news.

One fan wrote: “Looks great, well done. Really looking forward to this.”

Another said: “Ohhhhh excited to listen.”

A third added: “So excited for you two!”

One also shared: “This is going to be incredible. Can’t wait to listen!”

‘Unapologetic’ with Andrew Fitzsimons and Erica Cody launches on Wednesday, November 15th.