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27th May 2020

American Horror Story is releasing a spin-off series with standalone horror episodes

Anna Daly

American Horror Story

It will be called American Horror Stories.

American Horror Story was first introduced to our screens back in 2011 and it was one of the first of its kind when it came to its season-long storytelling arc.

As any of you who watch the show will know, each season has its own separate story. All of the stories are set in different times, different worlds, and feature different people. You can start at any point in the series that you want (well, not midseason, but you know what we mean) and you don’t need to remember any details or characters from one season to the next.

We loved American Horror Story because it gave us some great stories, some fantastic acting, and some good scares all while staying fresh and new. The other great thing about it is that a lot of the cast stayed the same so we could see some of our favourite actors playing a variety of different roles.

Well now, it seems, the creators of American Horror Story are going that step further with their new spin-off, American Horror Stories, and they’re cutting their storylines down to just one episode, with each episode lasting one hour.

We LOVE this idea. So often, we feel like watching something on TV but we don’t want to commit to a full season or watch an entire feature-length film. We love the instant gratification that comes with a one-episode story arc.

Some excellent shows have followed this style, such as Black Mirror, which has always amazed us with the complexities of the stories that they can tell in just an hour. We have complete faith that American Horror Stories will be done just as well.

The series is currently in development and we can’t wait to see the spooky and hair-raising stories that the creators come up with. It’ll be like our own adult version of Goosebumps.