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26th May 2015

Yay! One Of Our Favourite TV Shows Is Going To Be Made Into A Movie

Best. News. Ever.


Best. News. Ever. 

Actress and comedienne Deirdre O’Kane let it slip this week that Moone Boy is headed for the big screen.

O’Kane, who stars in the popular TV show alongside Chris O’Dowd, was speaking on The Anton Savage Show on Today FM Tuesday morning when she let the cat out of the bag.

mooney boy2

“I say that’ll happen, the boys really want to do it and I think Sky are happy to pay for it so I say next year that will probably rock into production,” she stated.

She later added that the movie should do well in the US as ‘at this stage, there are more viewers of Moone Boy in the US than there is in the UK.”

We can’t wait!