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26th Oct 2016

16 thoughts everyone has while watching Black Mirror

Ciara Knight

Black Mirror is an exceptional piece of television.

I horsed through the latest series in roughly twelve minutes, which is impressive given that there are six episodes, all much longer than two minutes each. It’s one of the most gripping things I’ve ever seen and I am nothing short of livid that I’ve to wait a bit longer for the next series.

You learn a lot about yourself as you work your way through an episode of Black Mirror. The show provokes some very introspective moments, as you try to decipher what you would do in any given situation.

Here’s 16 thoughts everyone has while watching Black Mirror.

1. Well there’s no possible way I would be so stupid as to land myself in that kind of situation. I’d never wear a contact lens camera because my tummy feels funny when I have to touch my eyeball.

2. I always said technology would be the death of us. That’s it now, I’m going off the grid. There’ll be no stopping me. I’m turning my phone off while I go asleep.

3. There’s no way they didn’t know about David Cameron and that pig. I’d bet my house on it. Well, my parents’ house.

4. I am scared of the future and I’m not afraid to admit it. Robots are going to take over the world and we will be their eternal servants.

Beautiful blonde woman lying on her bed,eating popcorn and watching tv.

5. I’m happy enough with FaceTime and Snapchat filters, to be honest. I don’t need technology to progress any further, thanks anyway.

6. Just going to delete my Facebook search history because if I ever go missing, they’re going to think I was an absolute creep.

7. Domnhall Gleeson is in everything. He is also a massive would.

8. What the fuuuuuuuck just happened? This show is nuts but I love it and I will continue to watch it until I can no longer function as an acceptable human being.

Woman relaxing in living room watching television

9. Charlie Brooker is a sick, perverted creep to come up with this kind of stuff. But I am also in awe of his brain.

10. Lord above there’s more twists than a pretzel on this show.

11. They say that violence in Playstation games is contributing to real life violence but I’d nearly be pointing the finger at Black Mirror now at this stage.

12. I am legitimately terrified of technology.


13. I should tweet about this. Actually no, that’s exactly what “they” want me to do.

14. I wish we could rate people out of 5 stars in real life. Maybe arseholes would stop being arseholes.

15. Yeah well I’m definitely never getting contact lenses anyway. I will be a four eyes until I die.

16. Just going to quickly delete my search history, then set fire to my laptop and bury it at the bottom of the ocean. You can never be too careful with that sort of stuff.