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11th Jul 2018

11 thoughts we’re all having as it rains for the first time in weeks

Great. Just GREAT.

Ah, rain.

I’m not going to say I missed you because I didn’t. But it’s safe to say you’ve been talked about due to your lack of presence over the past month.

Usually, in Ireland, a day of sun is followed by 364 days of rain, shitty grey clouds and wind that would whip the extensions right out of your hair.

BUT, this summer has been different, we saw little to no rain in June and July was looking the exact same right up until now. This morning, everything changed, we woke up to grey clouds followed by rain at around 10am and it’s safe to say we are DEVA.

So, now that the shite weather is making a comeback, here are 11 things we’re all thinking as we wave goodbye to the STUNshine.

I should have put the washin’ out on the line EARLIER this week FFS.

GREAT, just when I order shorts off Zara, the weather goes to piss.

*FRANTICALLY searches Ryanair for last minute offers*… Alicante for €39.95 one way? SOLD. I’m not coming back to this shite.

You think about deleting Twitter due to the volume of  “so long summer 2018” tweets. It’s not witty if everyone and their mother is saying it too.

How do I boycott the strangers at the bus stop who want to discuss the climate change?

You’re waiting for your father to reveal he predicted this. Ye, of course you did Da.

You can’t outfit plan for tomorrow because it could lash but at the same time, it could be roasting again aaaaaand we’re back to unpredictable weather. Great.

Sure look, at least the car is getting a good wash.

I should have gone to the Barge. WHY didn’t I go Barge-ing.

You think the next time you see a blue sky it’ll be in an Insta throwback.

Sure the tan is going to fade now. F@*K.

And although we’re being seriously dramatic as the weather is predicted to return again this Friday and Saturday, it’s going to be short-lived and followed by rain again. Ah, Ireland, don’t play us like this, you were doing SO well.