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02nd Sep 2019

10 things we’re all thinking as we wave goodbye to EP for another year

The fear.

Denise Curtin


It’s hard. In fact, it’s actually awful.

Festivals are stunning but, the comedown that follows when packing up your shit and exiting the grounds – honestly, horrific.

Thankfully, the only flicker of hope in the words of Troy Bolton is that “we’re all in this together” and for some reason, knowing that everyone else is also on the edge of death makes the experience slightly less hell.

So, on that note, let’s dwell in each other’s sadness as we reflect on the 10 things (I could name 100 things but I’ve no energy to type for you), that we’re all feeling today as we return to normality following the annual rave in Stradbally.

1. The lost but not forgotton items

A moment of silence for the lost iPhones, purses, bank cards and drivers licences. The cherry on top of a delish hangover is knowing I’ve lost valuable belongings.


2. The thoughts of returning to work

Nothing says EP is over like “I want to quit my job”.

3. The struggle to shower off the sins

Everything is tough to do after a weekend spent dancing around fields covered in shite but, trying to find the energy to shower is up there with the toughest of all tasks.

4. Hearing no music

Can anyone hear that?

It’s call deathly silence and it’s horrible.

5. The fear of opening your gear bag

Repeat after me: I’d prefer to light a match to my clothes then sort them out and wash them right now.

Also my gear bag definitely smells because it rained over the weekend and I can’t do this.

6. The wait for your takeaway

An hour until delivery?

OK, cool. That’s no bother. I’ve plenty to do anyways. I’m not just lying on my bed in my clothes from the festival smelling like an ashtray.


7. The removal of glitter

Word of warning ahead of EP 2020, glitter gets everywhere and I mean, everywhere and removing it is like stripping skin.

8. The camera roll

Seeing drinks in photos makes me violently ill. Seeing me swinging off David from secondary school who I haven’t seen since then makes me want to burst into flames.

Good mates are we, yeah? Ha. Ha. Haaaaahelpmeplease.

9. Questioning life

But why do we actually have to go to work? Like, it doesn’t make sense? I should be free to roam this earth when and how I want.

10. The bank account

Let’s not.

Roll on EP 2020 x