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31st Oct 2019

Here are the 10 most Insta-worthy cat breeds in the world so, did your kitty make the cut?

Did your kitty make the cut?

Denise Curtin

Does your feline friend have what it takes?

Could they be the next cover star for Catsmopolitan?

Do they have a walk to beat all other cats? Are all of their 9 lives still intact?

Well, they might still not make the cut according to new data from which analysed Instagram data to reveal which cats make up the most popular breeds on the platform.

These are the cats who most often make the ‘gram, dubbed the most photogenic and basically, generate the most “oohs” and “ahhhs” from affectionate humans.

So, drumroll, please…

The 10 most Instaworthy cat breeds are…

  1. Maine Coon
  2. Siamese

  3. British Shorthair

  4. Scottish Fold

  5. Bengal

  6. Persian

  7. Sphynx

  8. Ragdoll

  9. Russian Blue

  10. Munchkin

We have to admit, Scottish Folds are probably our favourite, Siamese a close second and Munchkins are up there too because they’re too damn cute.

Unfortunately, like many, we’re not sure how we feel about Sphynx cats but, they sure are unique so, credit where credit is due… I suppose.

Did your kitty make the cut?