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08th Feb 2020

Whitney Port had the best response after someone said her son ‘looked too much like a girl’

Keeley Ryan

Whitney Port had the best response after someone said her son ‘looked too much like a girl’.

The Hills star took to social media on Friday to call out comments that people had been making about her two-year-old son.

In the video titled I Love My Toddler, But Let’s Talk About His Hair,  Port explained that she often posts photos of Sonny on her Instagram account, with his long curly hair tied up in a bun or a ponytail.

There was one person who commented on the photos, telling her that her little boy “looked too much like a girl” and a “she” because of his hair – and that he was likely to be upset by the photos when he was older.

“What is ‘a she’ supposed to look like and what is ‘a he’ supposed to look like? There isn’t a ‘supposed to’ look like anything,” she said. “As parents, we have a responsibility to raise good, kind human beings. That is on us.”

She also addressed her son – and the trolls – in the caption for the video.

“I know ignoring the trolls is usually the best policy, but sometimes it can spark an important conversation. It’s easy to recognize blatant bigotry, but sometimes the same, excuse my language, bullsh*t is hidden behind a thin veil of ‘advice’ or ‘just my opinion’,” she captioned the video.

“Someone thought warning me that Sonny ‘looked too much like a girl’ was something I should be concerned about. She probably thought she was trying to help. In the same way it is our responsibility to do our best to feed, clothe, educate, etc… we should also be raising good people, so the world doesn’t become completely populated by jerks.

“Sonny, if you ever read this one day, please remember to always be yourself no matter what anyone says. I love you, and I love your hair. Oh yeah, did you hide my keys somewhere?”


Whitney Port