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05th Jul 2018

We’ve 20 questions about this image of Jay-Z looking miserable on a jet ski

This is honestly hilarious.

Denise Curtin

Fun fact, Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.

And Jay-Z is the first man to ever look upset on a jet ski.

I mean like, on the verge of tears.

In the latest image of the Carters in Cannes on holidays, Jay-Z looks the epitome of sadness as he rides around on a jet ski hunched over while wearing a helmet.

The picture is actually so funny that people are already turning it into a meme and well, we just have a few questions for Jaaay in reelaaay (relation) to the pic.

Here it goes…

1. Be honest, did Queen Bey force you into this?

2. Did you remember you left your phone charging back at the apartment?

3. Are you getting a wedgie?

4. Is life just not as cracked up as it seems?

5. Are you thinking back to the ‘Crazy In Love‘ days thinking ‘how did I end up here… on a water scooter… wearing a helmet’?

6. Is this the moment you spotted a pap thinking ‘SHIT, Kanye gonna’ call me a whimp when he sees this’?

7. Did you just pull a cool trick that nobody saw?

8. Are you over analysing every lyric of Lemonade?

9. If Beyonce is Queen Bey, why am I not King Jay?

10. Has it just hit you that you actually cannot swim?

11. Did you have to skip brekkie to make it to the beach on time?

12. Are you dreaming of the pastry that should be in your belly?

13. ‘No crossiant pour moi’ your next track?

14. Are you wondering where Beyonce went?

15. Are you playing the role of angry commuter stuck in LA traffic at rush hour?

16. Have you just realised that Cannes is the land of… Cannes you not make me do things I hate, smh rn.

17. And you left the kids where again?…

18. Has it just hit you that you’re being Punk’d because why are you in a helmet?

19. Do you think you will crack your head off the water?

20. Are you going to cry because its over or smile because it happened?