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17th Aug 2023

M&S defends Vogue Williams after trolls body-shame her

M&S jumped to Vogue Williams’ defense following the incident.

M&S has issued a statement after Vogue Williams was targeted by trolls after featuring in an advert for the brand.

The video of Vogue showcasing the brand’s new swimsuit collection was hit with waves of nasty comments from trolls.

The mum looks as beautiful as ever in the video, but many commenters mocked her appearance.

Trolls body-shamed Vogue in the comment section of the video, but the brand was quick to defend her.

A spokesperson urged their followers to ‘be kind’ following the incident.

“A kind reminder to our followers that we use our platform in a positive way.”

“We’re proud to represent and celebrate people of all shapes and sizes,” they said.


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“We won’t tolerate any unkind or negative comments and anything unacceptable will be deleted. Let’s all continue to uplift one another. Love M&S.”

Vogue’s followers also defended her following the cruel comments.

“You look absolutely fantastic. What a figure after 3 kids! Lots of hard work I know. You and Spencer work out and eat right,” one said.

“You look amazing Vogue, ignore the skinny shamers. Been a victim of it myself and it’s always come from a place of jealousy IMO,” another said.

One also said, “ALL women are real women regardless of shape, size, or colour. This type of trolling is simply disgusting.”

Vogue has not responded to the comments, but M&S has been praised for supporting her following the nasty trolling.