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22nd Dec 2017

Victoria Beckham shares video of Chloe Moretz singing the Spice Girls

This is the CUTEST ever

Well, this is very cute.

Earlier this year, Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Grace Moretz rekindled their relationship.

The pair have been on and off for years now, but things seem to be going very well for them now.

So well, that is seems Brooklyn’s mum Victoria is ready for a duet with Chloe.

The fashion designer shared a video on Instagram Stories earlier of Chloe singing along to a Spice Girls tune (YAS), and she captioned the post, “Is Chloe after a duet with Posh?”

Yes please, can we have a duet… please?

While she was *probably* (we’re not going to rule it out just yet) joking, we do love how well she’s getting on with her son’s girlfriend.