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16th Jul 2018

Love Island’s Tyla Carr found out she was pregnant in THIS restaurant

Rebecca O'Keeffe

tyla carr

Can you IMAGINE?

So, picture the scene.

You’re in Nandos, enjoying some Piri Piri chicken, when you nip off to the loo to take a pregnancy test.

All in a day’s work!

That is literally what happened to former Love Island contestant, Tyla Carr.

Tyla was on a lunch date in Nandos when she decided to take a pregnancy test, because “she couldn’t wait.”

And when she saw that it was positive, she ran home to tell her boyfriend Ross.

The reality star gushed about her pregnancy story to OK! recently, and dished all the details.

“I was over the moon but part of me was worried too. We haven’t been together very long and we’d only just moved in together. I started to panic that we had rushed.”

Tyla also spoke about her struggles with fame, and how she found it quite hard to cope, particularly when she left the Love Island villa.

“I didn’t have a breakdown, but I was very upset to see the sort of things that had come out about me while I was on the show.”

While Tyla was in the villa, a sex tape of her was leaked.

“I left the villa and then was told that things about my past had come out, and I didn’t have any family or friends to console me.”

Although, life has totally turned around, and she now has the lovely Ross.

The pair met nine years ago, but only started dating recently.

“He’s really happy for me to do my own thing, but he’s very private and has no interest in being in the spotlight.”

Ah I’m delighted for her now, and I’m excited to see the lil baby!