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23rd Oct 2014

Travelling Light! Actress Reveals That Everything She Owns Fits In A Carry-On Suitcase

"If that suitcase got lost, I would be stranded... with no clothes."


Actress Shailene Woodley has admitted that everything she owns fits in a carry-on suitcase.

The Divergent star was appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show when she revealed that she doesn’t currently have a home and instead travels from location to location with all her belongings in a small suitcase.

“It feels so nice to not have to worry about ‘where’s those pair of jeans’, because you only have one pair of jeans… which is why I have a carry on, because if everything I own is in that suitcase and that suitcase somehow gets lost… then I would just be stranded…with no clothes,” she joked.