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28th Oct 2017

Tracy Leanne Jefford has a whole new look and it’s INCREDIBLE

The X-Factor returns to screens tonight at 8:20pm on TV3

Denise Curtin


X-Factor star, Tracy Leanne Jefford looks seriously amazing after undergoing a huge transformation.

The singer and mother-of-three has lost a total of five and a half stone and has decided to opt for a more natural look in terms of hair and makeup, now confessing that she has ditched the fake tan and we think she looks fabulous.

Speaking to The Sun she said: “I’m embracing everything, I’m loving my hair. I couldn’t be more happy. I’m so so pleased. I never wore a great deal of make up but I always wore my pink lip liner so I’ve lost that. I’m embracing the natural look. There’s even been days when I haven’t worn any make up and I’ve realised you don’t have to wear it to feel beautiful.”

She continued…

“I’ve been through a lot and hopefully other women out there can see me and say, ‘I won’t feel ugly in myself, I’ll follow my dreams and I’ll achieve it’. Everybody is beautiful, I’d love every woman and man to feel that.”

The 34-year-old, who is currently on the show said her kids are loving her new look. “I saw my kids last night and they’re so excited, they said ‘you look so beautiful mum’.”

The X-Factor returns to screens tonight at 8:20pm on TV3.