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22nd Jul 2015

Tilda Swinton Is Completely Unrecognisable In New Movie ‘Trainwreck’

This is a serious makeover!

Tilda Swinton always stands out on the red carpet for her unique style but she is completely unrecognisable in new movie Trainwreck.

The We Need To Talk About Kevin actress stars as a magazine editor opposite Amy Schumer in the new comedy but fans would do well to identify her as she is seen with a completely new look.


Her trademark pale skin and pared-back approach to make-up is nowhere to be seen as she is sporting a deep tan and flowing blonde locks.

“It’s fun to dress as someone different and this woman looks, frankly, like a lot of women I pass on the street every day, the women who go for that particular tandoori tan and the eye make-up and hair. But for me, that look is pretty extreme,” she told The Mary Sue.

“I’m delighted to say that I’m unrecognisable.I don’t know whether one would really want to be recognisable in this role. But here we are and it’s available for everybody. You just have to go to a big make-up counter in a big department store and you, too, can get that look.”