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13th Dec 2022

Stephen Bear found guilty of disclosing private sexual images and videos

Stephen Bear has been found guilty.

The 32-year-old reality star was found guilty of disclosing private sexual images and videos. He has also been found guilty of voyeurism by a majority verdict.

Bear was accused of plotting to film himself having sex with reality star Georgia Harrison. He planned on sharing the footage on his OnlyFans account without her consent.

Georgia Harrison appeared in court for today’s verdict.

She issued a statement following the result.

She stressed that no woman should ever go through what she experienced.

“We are living in a time where so much of our lives and our children’s lives are spent online and it is so important that individuals are protected in the virtual world just as they are in reality. Social media has given us the egalitarian belief that we are all publishers but what it hasn’t done is regulate what we should responsibly publish.

“I hope me taking a stand gives other men and women who have fallen victim to revenge porn the courage to seek justice and most importantly show them that they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

“I have felt ashamed, hurt, violated, even broken at times.”

Harrison said she now feels “empowered and grateful”.

She also said she felt a huge sense of unity after waiving her right to anonymity.

Bear’s legal team told him not to speak after the verdict, but he ignored their advice.

According to The Mirror, he told reporters that the trial was not fair.

“My barrister said not to but it’s nothing bad. In my opinion from the beginning, it was never a fair trial, what the press was saying about me I was always fighting a losing battle, and it is what it is.”

Stephen Bear has been released on bail, but he will be sentenced next month.