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26th Oct 2021

You stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold spark romance rumours

Sources have claimed the two are dating in real life.

*Warning – This article contains spoilers for You season 3*

The third season of Netflix’s You served us up a chaotic and crazy storyline that left us dying for more.

The latest series sees Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) move to the quaint neighbourhood of Madre Linda to make an attempt at a normal life with their new baby Henry – despite the pair’s murderous tendencies.

It also introduced us to a wide array of new characters, as well as some new on screen romances. After getting a job at the local library, Joe becomes obsessed (shocker) with his enticing co-worker Marienne.

Meanwhile, Love strikes up an adulterous affair with her teenage neighbour Theo, played by Dylan Arnold – and fans have noticed the chemistry between the two actors.

Theo won over viewers with his charming boy-next-door persona as he dealt with the death of his stepmother, navigated a complicated relationship with his father and pined over Love.

While the unconventional relationship between the two takes a tumultuous turn on the show, it appears that Victoria and Dylan have started dating in real life.

Journal shared the news to Instagram, claiming they had received confirmation of the relationship from a source, adding that Dylan, whose on screen character is 19 years old, is actually 27 in real life – one year older than Victoria.

“Hey YOU – sources are claiming that Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold are dating!” They wrote. “And don’t worry, he’s actually OLDER than her IRL.”

Fans took to the comments expressing their hopes that the rumours are true.

“They had AMAZING chemistry on You,” one fan wrote.

“I would low key love this,” another said.

“Omg I’m so happy (low-key fancy him so much),” a third added.

Victoria and Dylan are yet to confirm their relationship so, for now, one can only speculate.

After an explosive third season and a gruesome final episode, Netflix has revealed that You will return for a fourth season.