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23rd Jun 2023

‘Real women’ – Stacey Solomon praised for sharing untouched swimsuit photos

Kat O'Connor

Stacey Solomon has posted her untouched swimsuit photos in a bid to remind people that you don’t need to look a certain way to wear a swimsuit.

Society puts so much pressure on people to look ‘flawless’ once summer rolls around, especially women, but Stacey is breaking down those expectations by reminding her followers that all bodies are different.

Alongside a series of swimsuit photos, Stacey reminded her followers to be kind to their bodies this summer.

“Just because… I felt bloody beautiful today! I’ll be honest growing up society’s vibe did make me feel like I definitely wouldn’t be the girl who got to do swimwear shoots, so I’m marking these moments.”

The mum-of-five says she is feeling so proud for embracing her body the way it is.

“I love that I didn’t have to worry about my bum cheeks flopping out or having to shave within an inch of my life in any of these,” she said.

Her followers thanked her for spreading such an important message, especially during the summer months when the pressure to look perfect is even stronger.


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Many agreed that Stacey is an incredible role model.

One said, “You look incredible! We need more people like you to be role models for our children who are growing up in such a judgemental world! As a mum of a teenage girl,  I hope she always loves herself, never compares herself to others, and doesn’t try to do anyone but her!”

“Swimwear for real women,” another said.

“You’re an incredible role model for young girls who are finding their way in a superficial and judgemental world. You give them an amazing piece of reality and love.”

Nobody should feel pressured to change the way they look because of societal pressures. We all deserve to feel good in a swimsuit, no matter what our body looks like.