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22nd Aug 2016

Stacey Solomon had the perfect response for her body shamers

When it will end?

Rebecca Keane

She had her say on what was going on.

Unfortunately, the comment culture we have on social media just gets uglier and uglier.

As days go by, we see and hear more tales of body shaming.

If it’s not your mum asking “is that skirt supposed to be a belt?” it can be a friend commenting on your “low-cut” top… Us gals NEVER have it easy.

One victim of a recent savage body-shaming is 26-year-old former X Factor star Stacey Solomon.

A photo posted by Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon) on

The singer was photographed in UK newspaper The Sun in her bikini, with the caption “Top flop… former X Factor singer Stacey gets that sinking feeling” as the Essex native holds her boob in her hand. Stacey tweeted the picture slamming The Sun, saying she loves her body and feels more sexy than ever.

Fellow celebrities defended Stacey’s body and praised her positive attitude.

Thanking her fans and friends for their support, Stacey later tweeted a picture of herself with her two sons on holiday, relaxing with her “saggy maggies”. What a gas woman.