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23rd Nov 2017

SoSueMe once had a pretty mundane job (but she only lasted a day!)

She told all in a new blog post!

Denise Curtin

Suzanne Jackson once worked in good ole McDonald’s.

Yep, the beauty entrepreneur explained in a recent post that she once had jobs completely unrelated to beauty and fashion before she finally finding her true passion for blogging.

In a post titled “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me“, Suzanne revealed that she is a lover of a good King crisp sandwich, she bizarrely ate coal as a child and she once used to work in her local Maccy D’s.

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Describing her previous job, Suzanne explained that it only lasted a mere day. Having returned from holidays after her Leaving Cert, like many of us, the Irish star was low on funds and needed a part-time job. She saw McDonald’s were hiring, applied and luckily landed the job.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing… the 32-year-old revealed that a couple of hours into the job, she realised it wasn’t for her. “On my trial day, after about two hours of trying to grasp the till system, truth be told, I just couldn’t get to grips with it and at this point, the manager was getting so annoyed with me that she instead took me off the tills and had me stand by the door handing out balloons.”

She continued…

“I think the nerves of starting a new job combined with the frustration of not being able to manage the tills had me nearly in tears and in a moment of upset, I decided it wasn’t for me. I finished the day, picked up my bag, left and never returned.”

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Describing her embarrassment leaving the job at the time, Suzanne now looks back and thinks of it as part of learning who she was and what she was interested in, “we all have skills and strengths in different areas” she said.

The entrepreneur who is just home from Hong Kong looks forward to Christmas and the year ahead, announcing that she has three huge launches happening before Christmas.

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We cannot wait.