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27th Mar 2022

Síle Seoige reveals her 4-month-old baby has been sick with bronchitis

Katy Brennan

“The poor lil dóitín.”

Irish TV presenter Síle Seoige recently shared that her four-month-old baby Clíodhna has been sick with bronchitis.

The 42-year-old took to Instagram to explain how the whole family have been ill with RSV – respiratory syncytial virus – a virus that causes flu-like symptoms and usually lasts up to two weeks.

While her eldest son Cathal overcame the illness quickly, baby Clíodhna is still poorly.

Síle told fans the reason she had been “fairly quiet” on social media recently was because her family were on the mend, as the virus had “knocked the stuffing” out of them.

“I’ve been fairly quiet here as we’ve all had RSV and it’s knocked the stuffing out of us,” she wrote.

“Cathal is back to himself now for days which is great but lil Clíodhna is still on the mend as she also has bronchiolitis, the poor lil dóitín.

“All I want to do is to take it from her a million times over. But I know she is improving every day and soon we’ll all be back to normal.”

Back in November 2021, Síle announced the birth of her daughter, her second child with partner Damien O’Farrell, saying she was “trying to soak up every euphoric and exhausting second”.

The pair were delighted to expand their family after experiencing some difficulties throughout their journey. Síle spoke openly about going through two miscarriages after the birth of her son and kept fans updated throughout her entire pregnancy with Clíodhna.

Last year, the presenter released a documentary, titled Síle Seoige: Deireadh Tocht, delved into the “griefs, hopes, fears, and frustrations of those who have gone through miscarriage”.

It first aired on TG4 in April 2021.