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10th May 2022

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn says she quit Oppenheim group before the reunion show

How the tables have turned.

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn has revealed that she actually quit the Oppenheim Group weeks before the reunion show took place.

In the season five reunion special, Jason Oppenheim told host Tan France that Christine no longer “has a place” at his luxury real estate business.

Commenting on what was said, Christine shared in a post on TikTok, writing: “Of course there’s no place for me. I terminated my contract weeks ago prior to filming. I have my own company now lol.”

Christine left the group when her Selling Sunset co-star Emma Hernan accused her of bribing one of her clients to work with her instead of Emma. Will SS flop without her? #SearchForWonderMom #christinequinn #sellingsunset #sellingsunsetnetflix #sellingsunsetreunion #LaurelRoad4Nurses #fyp ♬ original sound –

Jason revealed during the Netflix reunion party that he had spoken to Emma’s client about the allegations of bribery and would “love to hear” Christine’s side of the story.

He said: “I do believe there are sides to stories but at the time same time I don’t think it’s for debate that she did this. We’ve texted and we haven’t really addressed this situation. She hasn’t reached out to talk about it.

“Right now there’s not a place for her at The Oppenheim Group. In the future, if she can take real estate seriously, if I can get an understanding of her perspective on things, if she changes her behaviour, if she brings in a big listing…

“There are a lot of reasons where I would consider her having a place at the Oppenheim Group but I have to say right now there is no place.”

Christine has now started up her own business with her husband Christian Richard called RealOpen.