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07th Sep 2017

Selena Gomez speaks about social media struggles in emotional video

"Strength doesn't mean you have to put on a facade"

Denise Curtin

The first person to ever reach 100 million followers on Instagram.

The world’s most followed social media star has opened up about her personal relationship with the app in a recent interview with TIME.

“It’s already difficult to get up every day and just feel good about yourself without seeing the highlights of everyone else. I hope my fans learn that who they are is beautiful, how they can connect with people by sharing what they’re feeling. It’s very personal to me,” she revealed.

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Gomez who’s no stranger to openly speaking out about mental health and self acceptance discussed her rise to fame in the video explaining:“I don’t know if there was a moment where I actually said, ‘OK, this is what I want to do.’ I think it became what I loved,” Gomez says. “I think it just kind of was instinctual for me. I loved being able to make people laugh.”

The video which totals almost two minutes in length features flashbacks to the beginning of the star’s career. Showing an audition for Disney’s Wizard’s of Waverly Place at just 11-years-old and also clip’s of the star in Barney from the late 90’s.

The short clip has got us glued and wishing for more.. hmmm perhaps she will do a documentary on her life like ex love interest Justin Bieber. Fingers crossed.

You can check out the video here.