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04th Aug 2018

Sam Faiers got her kids a €1.6K double-storey playhouse and it’s nicer than our actual home


Gillian Fitzpatrick

Sam Faiers is a mum-of-two: Paul is aged two-and-a-half, and Rosie is nine months.

So the former TOWIE star certainly has her hands full and it’s been lovely to watch her really embrace motherhood over the last few years.

And we have to say we were pretty envious when we spotted the STUNNING double-storey playhouse she bought recently for the garden.

Apparently the structure is bespoke and set the 27-year-old back a cool £1,450 (€1,650) – but she obviously has the money to treat her family and frankly, we’d do the same.

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The playhouse is already fully-furnished and Sam’s little ones have furthermore been treated to a picnic table and bench set along with padded mini sun loungers.

Inside there is a stuffed flamingo, as well as soft-toy tiger, lion, and elephant heads mounted on the walls.

Ms Sam Faiers recently revealed that she and her boyfriend, Paul Knightley, are still sleeping in separate beds, opting to co-sleep with their kids instead.

Sam shares a bed with their daughter while Paul shares a bed with their son.

She explained to Fabulous magazine how she moved out of the bedroom she was sharing with her boyfriend and young son while she was pregnant as she started getting “really uncomfortable” at night and kept waking them up.

She continued:

“I can’t imagine not having one of them in the bed with me now. It’s gone on for so long, as it’s so lovely to wake up with them and cuddle and see their little faces.

“Obviously when Paul goes to school he’ll be in his own room, but it’s such a small time that they’re this young.”

Sam and Paul first met in 2014, shortly after her splitting from former TOWIE co-star Joey Essex. She found out that she was expecting their first child just a few months into their relationship.

Paul Jnr was born in December 2015, while the couple welcomed little Rosie last November.