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29th Jun 2023

RTÉ says it is ‘impossible’ for Ryan Tubridy to return to radio

Kat O'Connor

RTE’s interim Deputy Director General said it is “impossible” for Ryan Tubridy to return to his RTÉ Radio 1 show.

Adrian Lynch told the Oireachtas Media Committee that Ryan Tubridy won’t return to his popular radio show due to “editorial reasons”.

He said: “At the moment for editorial reasons, it is impossible for Ryan Tubridy to be back on air.

When asked if Tubridy would ever return to RTÉ, Lynch later said, “Again, can I just say for editorial reasons he is not on air at the moment.”

Tubridy is still eager to return to RTÉ despite his contract coming to an end.

The national broadcaster confirmed in a statement: “RTÉ has written to his agent that the contract (including all arrangements therein) has come to an end.

They also confirmed that “negotiations commenced regarding his radio responsibilities”.

“Those negotiations have been paused as with all negotiations as per Board statement.”

A source close to Tubridy said he is going to challenge this decision.

The presenter has not returned to his radio show after an audit revealed he was paid an additional €345,000 that was not declared publicly.

Do you think Ryan Tubridy should return to his radio show or should he walk away following the scandal?