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13th Feb 2023

Roz Purcell admits she didn’t expect to open up about her eating disorder with Tommy Tiernan

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Trigger warning: This article discusses eating disorders.

She was on the show over the weekend.

Roz Purcell has revealed that she “wasn’t mentally prepared” to speak about her eating disorder during her time on The Tommy Tiernan Show.

Roz appeared on the show on Saturday night and discussed her battle with an eating disorder that she went through while she was in her early 20s.

The interview has since gained a lot of attention as viewers praised the model for how she approached Tommy’s “difficult” questions.

Speaking about the experience on Instagram, Roz said: “I was really, really nervous about doing this show.

“As I’ve gotten older I feel far more overwhelmed about doing interviews especially a big one like this, so I’ve avoided most for the past 2 years.

“Knowing that the show is all about a surprise guest & not having any idea of the direction of interview, I definitely wasn’t mentally prepared to speak about eating disorders so I hope I did okay, I know it can be a very triggering subject for so many.

“I still get overwhelmed sometimes trying to explain what it’s like, almost brings you back!”

Speaking on the show, Roz revealed that it was when she returned from New York that she realised she needed help.

“I was modelling around the world and I came back to Ireland. I was around the age of 24 and I knew I needed to heal from my eating disorder,” she said.

“A big part of me recovering was me definitely changing my environment. I knew I needed to stop modelling.”

“My relationship with food was absolutely skewed. My relationship with my body was all over the place and my whole life revolved around what weight I was.”

“From binge eating to bulimia to anorexia, I went through a period of different types of eating disorders over four or five years.”

When asked to describe “the practicalities” of an eating disorder, she said: “Your whole day revolves around food and what you are going to do to burn it off.”

“I couldn’t have proper relationships. There couldn’t be anything else really going on in your life. Because everything revolved around punishing your body to be a certain size and certain weight.”

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