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27th Dec 2022

Princess Kate shares sweet details about her family’s Christmas

Princess Kate greeted members of the public on Christmas morning.

The Princess of Wales has opened up about spending Christmas with her three children and Prince William.

The mum-of-three greeted members of the public in Sandringham on Christmas Day.

She was joined by her husband Prince William and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

During a walkabout, Princess Kate confirmed her children woke up incredibly early on Christmas morning.

According to the Daily Star, the mum told one young girl that her children woke up in the early hours of the morning to see if Santa had visited.

Kate asked one little girl about her Christmas Day.

She said;

“Have you had a nice morning, has Father Christmas been?”, to which the little girl replied “yes, have you?”.

Kate shared, “I’ve had a lovely morning, thank you very much. I had quite an early start this morning.”

Another member of the public then asked the mum about her children’s Christmas gifts.

Kate revealed that her three children “got lots of lovely things” for Christmas this year.

Prince William was also overheard saying that his children got plenty of presents this year.

The family of five spent Christmas Day with King Charles and extended members of the royal family.

This was their first Christmas without Queen Elizabeth, but the royals continued the tradition and spent the holidays together at Sandringham.

Kate and Prince William will then spend the New Year with her family.

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