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14th Apr 2016

Pretty Little Liars actor Brandon Jones could be facing over five years in prison

The actor has been charged with assault

Megan Cassidy

Pretty Little Liars actor Brandon Jones could be looking at serious jail time.

The 27-year-old was arrested and charged after an altercation broke out between him and his girlfriend’s neighbour, according to TMZ.

Allegedly, Jones pointed a gun at the neighbour in the dispute, constituting as assault.

Police sources told the site that the dispute occurred on the 24th March, but further details are unclear at this time.

As well as assault, Jones has been charged with two misdemeanors for exhibiting a deadly weapon and exhibiting a concealable firearm in public and could face more than five years in prison.

A representative for Jones told the website: “It is our understanding that the gun in Mr. Jones’ possession was fully legal and registered, that he was on his girlfriend’s private property, and that he and his girlfriend felt that they were under threat in a dispute with neighbours.”