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09th Oct 2021

Pippa O’Connor opens up about hardships on miscarriage anniversary


Pippa O’Connor has opened up about the hardships she, and other women, have faced on the anniversary of her miscarriage.

Sharing some encouraging words for other grieving parents, Pippa took time out to process her loss as part of Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Pregnant on her third child, Pippa told of the miscarriage she went through last year in October of 2020 and is now opening up about the loss.

Pippa O'Connor

Wanting to help other women and parents dealing with their grief, she wants them to know they’re not alone and “it’s important to keep these conversations going.”

Taking to Instagram, Pippa recalled being in the hospital waiting room to undergo a D&C and constantly googling for some answers.

“You aren’t alone in what you’ve been through and sometimes you just need someone to say I know how you’re feeling, that feeling like you’ve just fallen through a trap door… I get it and I’m sorry and it will ease with time,” the mum of two said.

“It made me feel better when I came across people online or people in my own life that said, “I know that’s sh*t and I’m really sorry.

“It’s definitely spoken about a little bit more, which is really healthy and comforting to see, but I think it definitely is still a stigma.

“That day I was told that when I went in for the scan, my first reaction was “okay, that’s fine.” I did not want any comfort, I was nearly embarrassed which sounds so silly but that’s how I reacted anyway.”

Explaining that the nurses in the National Maternity Hospital helped her understand that a “loss is a loss” and it was okay to be upset, she thanked them for their kindness.

“A part of me was saying “it’s fine cop on, you have two kids,” and I’m well aware of all the struggles that so many people face to try and even have one. I was being hard on myself for being sad,” she added.

“You have a right to feel sad and to grieve a loss, no matter what stage of pregnancy you’re at.”