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10th Mar 2014

Pic Of The Day: Irish Rugby Squad Recreate The Oscar Selfie

Looking good lads.

It has been just over a week since the infamous, and at this stage ridiculously annoying, Oscar selfie circulated. Over the past 7 days many folk have tried to recreate the most retweeted image ever, none how ever will be as fit (athletically obviously) and Irish as this next picture. 

The Ireland rugby squad are the latest group to post an Hollywood inspired image and we’ll have to hand it to them, they’ve done a great job.

With Dave Kearney puckering up, one or two ‘Blue Steel’ impressions and Simon Zebo is half way to Miley Cyrus, here is the lads’ selfie effort captured at a training session ahead of this weekend’s game in Paris.


Image via Twitter/Darren Cave