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08th Nov 2023

Patrick Dempsey named as 2023 Sexiest Man Alive

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McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey, is People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

He first captured our hearts back in 2005 when he played Derek Shepard in Grey’s Anatomy but since then he’s just aged like a fine wine.

We all know. he was a good-looking guy, gracing more magazine covers than we can count over the years but this has just solidified his status.

Patrick takes over from last year’s honoree Chris Evans who snatched the 2022 title.

“It’s nice to have the recognition, and certainly my ego takes a little bump, but it gives me the platform to use it for something positive,” the 57-year-old told People for the cover story.

Patrick Dempsey named as 2023 Sexiest Man Alive
Credit: Getty

When asked how he reacted when he learned of the news, the actor quipped, “I was completely shocked, and then I started laughing, like, this is a joke, right? I’ve always been the bridesmaid!”

Patrick is in good company as Pedro Pascal, Timothée Chalamet, Usher, Jamie Foxx, Lenny Kravitz and Philadelphia Eagles’ star centre Jason Kelce were name-dropped in the list of sexiest men.

The Enchanted star is married to makeup artist and beauty line founder Jillian, and is most interested in how his children, Talula, 21, and 16-year-old twins Sullivan and Darby, will react to his new title.

“They’re just going to make fun of me and pick on me and figure out every reason why I shouldn’t be,” he said. “Which is good, they keep me young.”

Patrick Dempsey named as 2023 Sexiest Man Alive
Credit: Getty

If one magazine cover isn’t enough for you, Patrick will be appearing on the big screen in the biopic Ferrari portraying Italian Formula One driver Piero Taruffi this December.

The actor took a risk, calling up director Michael Mann looking for a part.

“I’d been following the movie for years, so I called Michael,” he recalled. “That taught me if you really want something, you have to do it yourself.”