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14th Jul 2023

‘I was so upset’: Love Island’s Paige Thorne snubbed from paramedic job

Kat O'Connor

Former Love Island star Paige Thorne has confirmed she no longer works as a paramedic.

The Welsh reality star returned to her day job following her time on the show but has since been snubbed by her job.

The heartbroken reality star opened up about the ordeal and admitted she feels incredibly sad about her employer’s decision.

She told the Not My Bagg podcast:

“I was like, ‘I’ll go back to being a paramedic,’ but my job was like, ‘Don’t really want you to do that ‘cos you post pictures in bikinis.’

“I was so upset, I worked really hard to be a paramedic, it was so much training and I worked three years before that, Covid did it all and they were like, ‘Actually, thanks but no thanks,” Paige shared.

Fans of the podcast were shocked by Paige’s employer’s decision, especially given the current ambulance wait-time crisis in the UK.

One said, “So sad. The NHS is already struggling so much.”

Another pointed out that fellow contestant Dr. Alex returned to work as a doctor after his time on the show.

“Double standards! Alex from love island was allowed to go back to the NHS and be a doctor! He posted pics of himself in swimming shorts, what’s the difference?”


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Paige even tried to keep her job during her time on Love Island.

Paige has often spoken about how much she loved working as a paramedic and how important it was to her.

She told the Girls Know Nothing podcast:

“I tried all ways to keep my job and do Love Island at the same time. When I did tell work I needed time off to go in [the villa] my manager was so supportive and she 100% backed me every step of the way.”

The reality star said she tried to use up her annual leave and even considered taking unpaid leave or a career break.

“I tried every single avenue possible to keep my job as well as do Love Island.”