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31st Jul 2022

Love Island’s Paige Thorne hailed a hero after saving stroke victim

Kat O'Connor

The man says he owes Paige Thorne his life.

Love Island’s Paige Thorne has been hailed a hero for saving a stroke victim’s life.

A man has spoken out about how caring Paige was when she responded to an emergency call. The Welsh paramedic saved the life of a 58-year-old man before she signed up for the reality show.

The grateful man said he wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Paige.

He told WalesOnline that he owes her everything. The man was waiting to see his GP when he suffered a stroke in the waiting area.

An ambulance was called to the doctor’s office and Paige was one of the paramedics responding to the call.

“They had to resuscitate me, and Paige was one of the paramedics called to the scene,” Andy Humphries said.

He revealed that Paige didn’t leave his side during the horrifying ordeal. Mr. Humphries said she was incredibly “dedicated”.

He couldn’t help but gush about the 23-year-old.

“When I came round, she was there and was so dedicated, she waited with me for seven hours in the ambulance and as I waited at hospital,” he said.

Mr. Humphries added, “I owe my life to her. She waited with me when I got to the hospital.”

It is believed he suffered a stroke just before the first lockdown in England happened.

“She told me that she had not long qualified, but she was amazing and totally wonderful.”