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17th Jul 2014

Orange Is The New Black Star Jason Biggs Slammed For ‘Sick’ Twitter Joke After Malaysia Airlines Crash

Despite the backlash, the actor has stood over his comments.


Orange Is The New Black star Jason Biggs has come under fire this evening after tweeting an insensitive joke in the aftermath of the tragic Malaysia Airlines crash.

The actor, who is also known for his role in the American Pie franchise, took to Twitter just hours after news broke that a plane carrying 295 passengers had been shot down by a missile near the Russia/Ukraine border.

The quip was met by a barrage of abuse on the social network, with users branding the move “too soon”, “not funny” and referring to him as “a piece of trash”.

However, Biggs didn’t back down and followed up the comment with a series of tweets criticising those who had targeted him.