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31st Jul 2017

This is the one thing celebrities fear the most on the red carpet

A stylist has revealed all.

Denise Curtin

A well-known stylist to the stars has revealed the biggest body woe on the red carpet.

Rebecca Corbin-Murray works with the likes of Emma Watson, Lily James and Sophia Turner to name a few, and her job comes with a lot of pressure as she has the duty of making sure the glitterati are picture-perfect before they hit the red carpet.

And in doing so, Rebecca reveals that she has learnt a lot about what stars fear the most just before they take to the carpet and their main fear is an unusual one.

It’s called armpit vagina.

Yep, the celeb stylist revealed that the part of the body “where a fold of skin at the top of the arm meets the torso” gives her clients anxiety before their red carpet debut.

The term armpit vagina was first created by Jennifer Lawerence in 2014 when she joked:

“I know I have armpit fat, it’s OK… it’s armpit vaginas.”

And she’s not the only one who feels affected by this ridiculous body hang-up. Rebecca spoke to The Times saying that it is by far the most common complaint she hears: “The one that comes up all the time is the arm vagina.”

And now, she added that celebs are opting for more of a teapot stance (hand out from the body and placed on the hip) in a bid to create more defined arms, away from the torso.

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Being constantly under scrutiny from the public eye has caused many of these celebs to investigate their looks and their body in an alarmingly detailed way.

But despite these celebs believing this is a serious body woe, many people have taken to twitter to call it out for exactly what it is. Utterly bizarre.

When does this madness end?