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10th May 2023

Nick Cannon reveals how Mariah Carey feels about him having twelve children

Nick Cannon

“It was like Trump and Putin in the same house”

Father of twelve, Nick Cannon has revealed how his ex-wife, Mariah Carey feels about him having a dozen children.

Nick and Mariah share two kids together; twins Monroe and Moroccan who are now twelve years old.

The singer and TV presenter married in 2008 and three years later, they had their kids. After nearly seven years of marriage they decided to split, in 2014.

Appearing on a podcast recently, Nick explained how Carey feels about him having so many children.

He told The Jason Lee Show that he compares himself and Mariah to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

He joked and said: “Imagine if, like, Trump and Putin had to live in the same house.

“It wasn’t even about her and I, we’ve always been good.

“It was more about us understanding that instead of making it about our relationship and what I want or what you want, we should just do what’s best for the children.”

The TV host revealed that Mariah often checks in on him to make sure he’s not over-whelmed with caring for his twelve kids.

Nick even said she is pretty laid back about the whole thing.

He laughed: “She’s high frequency, man. She always asks me, ‘You alright? You good? How you doing? You handling it all?’

“She’s like, as long as you don’t bring none of that bulls**t to the Manor of Carey. Like, she lives in her own world, nothing can infiltrate that stuff.

“When we talk daily, she’s just checking on my spirit.”

In the past, Nick has admitted that his hectic family life affects his dating but he hasn’t completely ruled out a thirteenth child just yet.

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