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02nd Mar 2022

Molly Mae Hague says she doesn’t care about being “in shape” anymore

Fair play to her.

Molly Mae Hague has said she is no longer putting pressure on herself to look a certain way.

The Love Island star recently jetted off to Mexico for a photoshoot campaign, despite feeling like she wasn’t “in shape” as she hadn’t been dieting or exercising recently.

She said she wants to embrace her “natural body” and doesn’t care how she looks.

In a recent YouTube video, the 22-year-old told her fans:

“I definitely am not in the shape I want to be for it but, as I mentioned not too long ago, I have really taken the pressure off with healthy eating and exercise recently.

“I’m just embracing my natural body and not even worrying about how I look and I know that I am not going to look on this campaign how I envisioned I wanted to look, but I’m actually not that bothered about it.”

She continued: “I have actually come to terms with the fact that if I wanted to be in the shape that I wanted to be in for this shoot, I would have to start six months ago… I actually couldn’t be bothered.”

While Molly Mae has been sharing her adventures in Mexico with her fans, she recently questioned if her upbeat content was appropriate – given the current situation in Ukraine.

“Given everything that’s happening in the world right now I feel it’s impossible to carry on with life as normal without feeling guilty,” she said.

“I’m currently away for work shooting a campaign but haven’t known whether to share as usual for the people that come on Instagram to escape.”


She then asked her followers whether or not she should continue with her normal content but many insisted that what she creates helps them take their mind off the darker things.

She has since shared information about Ukraine to help raise awareness and show people how they can support those affected.

The star assured her followers she will continue to use her platform “to raise awareness”.