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05th Aug 2023

Molly-Mae responds to claims she knew about surprise proposal

Molly-Mae explained how Tommy hid the proposal from her.

Molly-Mae Hague has responded to claims she knew Tommy Fury was going to propose to her. The couple, like most in long-term relationships, obviously discussed marriage before their engagement, but Molly insists that she had no idea about Tommy’s romantic gesture.

Her followers accused her of knowing because she wore white on the day of their engagement, but Molly quickly shut those rumours down.

She explained in her recent vlog that Tommy set up a pretend press trip to Ibiza. He claimed Net-A-Porter invited both of them to Ibiza and gave Molly a clothing allowance for the trip.

Molly-Mae stressed that this was simply made up so she didn’t suspect Tommy.

“I was also told that I’d been given an allowance to spend on their website, it’s actually hilarious, like it’s actually comedy gold, if Net-A-Porter actually hear about this and see this video they’re gonna be like ‘what like what is going on like we’ve got nothing to do with this, we want nothing to do with it’.


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“So I do apologise but it’s just like a key part of the story that has to be told otherwise it doesn’t make any sense,” she said.

Molly decided to buy a white jumpsuit out of her ‘clothing allowance’ for the event.

“Some bizarre reason I literally picked out a white jumpsuit, what are the chances of that. Everyone keeps saying to me like ‘how did Tommy convince you to wear white, he didn’t convince you to wear white’.

“I literally picked out a white jumpsuit, I thought yeah ‘that’ll do, like that’ll look cute’.

“It was within the like price budget that they’d given me to spend on that outfit.”

“So I thought ‘yeah white jumpsuit, sweet, done’. Like it it was like a two second decision,” the mum said.

Tommy proposed to Molly on a cliffside in Ibiza on July 23rd. The couple has been together since the 2019 series of Love Island.