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17th Aug 2023

Molly-Mae shares new office space and teases ‘secret project’

Anything Molly-Mae related, we want to know about!

Molly-Mae Hague has taken to Instagram to show off her new office space and has teased a ‘secret project.’

This has led to fans jumping to the comments section to speculate what the Filter By Molly-Mae founder’s next project is.

The 24-year-old snapped photos of the space, which has yet to be renovated and shared her story marvelling at the ‘natural light’ of the interior.

Under Molly’s home account on Instagram, many eagle-eyed followers began to speculate.

“Podcast? I saw in the latest youtube you bought two special chairs from Homesense for a special project,” one highly observant follower wrote.

Given the chokehold the former Love Island star has over this generation, if she starts a podcast, it’s likely going to shoot straight to number one.

Another shared this thought process: “Surely has to be a podcast?” they commented.


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Another user thinks she’s working on an interior collection, “Molly Mae Interiors. We are all here for it.”

Molly and Tommy’s home has always been a fan favourite for followers to get insider access into their lifestyle and humble abode.

Neutral tones, marble, clean, white living spaces, and cosy interiors, with selective pops of colour, is Molly’s M.O. when it comes to designing their home together, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

So, if the former PLT Creative Director was to create her own home interior line or business, we would follow her without question.

Whatever Molly puts her hand to, she absolutely smashes it.

So, we have no doubt that the same will apply when creating this office space and whatever this ‘secret project’ entails.

Watch this space.