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03rd Aug 2023

Molly-Mae Hague’s heartbreaking confession about Tommy Fury proposal

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Molly-Mae Hague has shared the most heartbreaking confession about Tommy Fury’s proposal – and it’s definitely something any fiance can relate to.

The couple got engaged in Ibiza on July 23rd after welcoming their daughter Bambi six months ago.

Molly-Mae has gotten candid in her recent YouTube video when discussing her engagement, revealing that she actually thought Tommy was planning on ending things with her.

After he had been “off” for a few days, Molly admitted she jumped to the conclusion that their holiday would be ending in a break up.

“This vlog was recorded before everything went down but I couldn’t not come on and say hi, not come on and say I’m a fiancée!,” the former Love Island star said.

“This vlog was recorded a couple days before we left for Ibiza. What you’re going to see is an extremely real day in my life, it’s very realistic. It’s comedy gold some of the comments you guys are going to pick up on me saying about why are we going to Ibiza and me stressing about packing because it was so last minute.

“I was completely fooled. I fully thought we were going for something completely different.”

She went on to discuss why she seemed so “down in the dumps” in the vlog, admitting she had a gut feeling something wasn’t right – but little did she know it was for the best reason.

“Another reason I was quite down is because you know as a woman when you have a gut feeling that something is just not right and I couldn’t put my finger on what was going on but Tommy was not acting himself.

“I think it was contributing to how I felt that something just felt off. I was all over the place,” she continued.

“Do you know in Bridesmaids when Lillian is talking to Annie about how she thought her boyfriend was breaking up with her but the reason she wasn’t sure was because he was going to propose to her – if there is any way to describe how I was feeling that week, it was literally that.

“I was like ‘Something is going on with Tommy, he doesn’t seem himself’.”