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18th Dec 2022

Molly-mae goes back on promise of gifting car to her sister

“I just had to put my sensible hat on”

Molly-mae Hague revealed lavish new wheels in her most recent YouTube vlog, telling fans it was the last life goal to be “ticked off the list.”

The brand new Mercedes-AMG G 63 Magno Edition, or ‘Mercedes G Wagon’ as she refers to it, is estimated to cost roughly £195k. The star had initially planned to gift her previous vehicle, a Range Rover, to her sister when the Merc arrived, but that’s no longer the plan.

Explaining to her subscribers why her sis was not the lucky recipient of a free luxury SUV in the end she said, “It was probably about a year ago that I made a plan to give my Range Rover to my sister because I grew so attached to my last car that I really, really didn’t want to get rid of it when I got this car,” the Love Island star explains.

“However, I had planned to gift it to my sister before I found out I was pregnant. How do I explain this? If I wasn’t pregnant and didn’t have a lot of other things to be spending money on maybe I would have still given her my car.”

But the Pretty Little Thing boss didn’t leave her sister Zoe car-less, as she explained: “I still got Zoe a new car – she’s upgraded to an Audi. But I didn’t give her the Range Rover.

“I wanted to give it her so I could still see it but I just had to put my sensible hat on.”

Pregnant Molly, 23, told her fans that she’s been driving her new car for two or three weeks now and initially felt like she was “driving a bus”, due to its generous width. The reality star was determined to feel comfortable and confident driving the car long before the baby girl she’s expecting with boxer beau Tommy Fury arrives.

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