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27th Sep 2023

The ‘Molly-Mae effect’ spikes huge surge in business for her local farm shop after she shared online

No one should ever question the Molly-Mae effect ever again.

After a recent autumnal family outing, Molly-Mae gave a shout out to her local farm shop, which has now seen a jump in consumers since she shared her family day out online.

We all are well aware of the influence that the 24-year-old former Love Island contestant has over pretty much every generation; inspiring fashion and beauty trends, as well as homeware and interior designs.

It seems now that this influence extends itself to small businesses too as The Hollies Farm Shop in Cheshire was labeled ‘pure carnage’ after the social media personality had a mother-daughter day at the venue.

While it is incredible news for a small business, not everyone is best pleased with the recent spike in crowds there.


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One local woman, a content creator named Hollie, says the former PLT Creative Director is after ‘ruining’ the Hollies Farm Shop for her as she failed to get a space in the car park in the aftermath of Molly sharing the location of with a series of photos of herself and Bambi.

It the aftermath, the small business has seemingly been flooded with new customers, which Hollie believes is a consequence of ‘the Molly-Mae effect’.

In the video, there are queues of people lining up in the rain to be served.

“If you do not believe in the Molly-Mae effect, watch this video. Everyone said we have the communal Molly-Mae jacket, now it’s the communal Molly-Mae places. We always come to Hollies Farm Shop; we’ve been coming here for years. Never ever is there anyone there really.

“She posted it on her Instagram. We’ve just driven to come here on a Sunday to get a hot chocolate, and they are queuing out three doors. Pure carnage in the car park, it’s like going to Alton Towers for a day out. You’ll have to buy fast passes soon.”

Hollie added that while she ‘loves’ Molly-Mae, she blamed her for ruining the local farm shop and said ‘this one has taken the mick a bit.’

@hollelizabethh3♬ original sound – Hollie xxxxx

Other locals expressed the same frustrations, but many believed it’s for the greater good as the small business will thrive.

“Literally a local to me and now it’s ruined it so bad ! Hahaha,” one wrote.

“Same I went yday! Used to be able to walk straight up to the counter to get a drink,” another told.

“Omg had this last Sunday. gone for years to do a food shop for Sunday dinner now you absolutely cannot get in the place,” a third added.

“This is really good for small businesses though!!” one user pointed out.

Say what you will about Molly-Mae, the girl’s power is unmatched.