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01st Dec 2020

Millie Bobby Brown: “I just wish people were more respectful”

Cassie Stokes

millie bobby brown

“I’m still trying to navigate this all and it’s still overwhelming.”

Millie Bobby Brown has opened up about a recent uncomfortable experience with a fan who she says wouldn’t leave her alone while she was shopping.

The 16-year-old Stranger Things star was Christmas shopping with her mum when the pushy fan came up and started to film her.

Millie took to get stories to explain what happened: “She said, ‘Can I take a video of you?’ I said, ‘Um, no’. But why would anyone want to be taken a video of? Of me? It’s not like of the both of us.”

She went on: “I don’t need to justify it to anyone; if I don’t want to be taken a video of, I don’t have to be.”

Millie said the fan kept following her around and continued to take videos of her while she was shopping.

“I was paying and she walked past me and began to video me again – and I said, ‘I’m a human being, like, what more can I ask from you?'”she said, ‘So I can’t take a video of a human being?’, and I said, ‘No, not when I said no.”

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Millie, who is clearly very distressed in the video, went on: “It just makes me upset when people try to push the boundary, and I just wish people were more respectful.

“I’m still trying to navigate this all and it’s still overwhelming.”

Millie said she isn’t against taking photos with fans but feels this particular fan pushed the boundaries. “I will take a picture with you, but when you push the boundary, and try and fight me on it, where are my rights to say no?” she asked.

Brown said she posted about the incident because she wants people to show more respect. “I’m making this video to say, you have to show more respect for others, no matter who they are, what they do, show respect.”

After the videos, she posted a note saying she was “emotional in the moment because [she] felt uncomfortable and disrespected.”