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24th Feb 2023

Maynooth pub says pints are ‘on the house’ for former regular Paul Mescal

By Katy Thornton

“He was a good regular before he came to big fame.”

There will always be free pints available for Paul Mescal at his local pub.

The actor has come a long way since his Denny’s ad days, and Maynooth pub The Roost, based in Mescal’s hometown, are proud of him to say the least. In honour of his Oscar nomination for the film Aftersun, they are hosting a Paul Mescal Oscars weekend event.

General Manager James Bohan told the Irish Mirror that there will always be free pints at the ready for Mescal within The Roost.

“It would be on the house. He’s always invited in for lunch and a pint.”

Bohan went on to say what a huge achievement it was for Mescal to be nominated for an Oscar, regardless of the outcome.

“There is plenty of hype around it. The Oscars is the big one. Will he get it? Hard to know.

“Either way, to get nominated for the Oscar is a massive achievement. That’s why we wanted to dedicate the weekend to him. He was a good regular before he came to big fame, he would’ve been in very regularly.

“Maynooth isn’t an overly big town and if it was a sports team, there would be huge hype around it.”

The Roost is going all out, with a red carpet entrance, a hummer, as well as a prize for the best-dressed person on the night. To top it all off there’s going to be life sizes Oscar cardboard cut outs too – a class night for anyone in the Maynooth area.

Check it out if you’re free on Saturday March 11th.