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25th Aug 2020

Matt Damon is returning to Ireland, and he needs extras for his new film

Want to be in a movie with Matt Damon, in Ireland?

While it may seem like an eternity ago at this point, it really wasn’t that long ago that Matt Damon was living in Ireland.

He was spotted with a SuperValu bag, he was on Spin 1038, and he seemed to be loving life out in Dalkey.

And as promised, he’s coming back.

Damon is returning to film The Last Duel, a period film starring himself, Ben Affleck, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer and, potentially… you!

Irish extras are needed for the film, which will be filmed mostly around Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Tipperary.

The movie is looking for men and women who tick any of the following boxes: a “bone thin” build, medium or broad build, sporty types, tall, short, long hair, bald, people with naturally coloured hair or who are prepared to dye it, long beard, no beards, amputees, or people with crooked or missing teeth.

It also specifically wants people who are good at arts and crafts, able to use a sword or an axe, blacksmiths, farmers, marchers, archers, bakers, fishmongers, jugglers and musicians.

Something for everyone there really…

It is also casting for children of all ages, siblings, family groups and babies.

If you are over 18 and looking to apply you can do so here, and if you are under 18, you can apply here.