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01st Nov 2021

Mary Fitzgerald reveals she has fallen out with Selling Sunset co-star

Katy Brennan

More drama.

Mary Fitzgerald has said that she is no longer friends with her Selling Sunset co-star Christine Quinn.

The two have had many feuds in the past but this time the friendship appears to be over for good.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Mary said that the friendship “wasn’t healthy”, and that something had happened that led to the two falling out.

“Christine and I are not in a good place. Things have happened that mean we aren’t on good terms,” she said.

“You can’t be friends with everybody. And although Christine and I have been close in the past, things have changed. It wasn’t healthy.”

While Mary didn’t elaborate on what exactly had happened between the two, the good news is fans will get to see the drama unfold on the upcoming fourth season, which premieres on 24 November.

“It got to a point where I couldn’t go through it any more,” Mary continued. “I couldn’t keep going through the ups and downs and always feeling like I’d been betrayed.

“I am able to stand up for myself now and I chose to get out of a toxic situation. I’ve chosen not to have that friendship in my life.”

Mary also said that dealing with what happened between her and Christine had taken its toll on her mentally.

“I had a lot of ­anxiety about filming this series. I was very nervous about it. And having everyone around the world putting out their thoughts on you is stressful as well.

“My husband helped me deal with it in a healthy way, so I now have a therapist that comes over. I want to be on the right path and think in the right way. It is good to have preventative treatment.”

Christine has yet to comment on the two’s falling out.