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22nd Aug 2022

Love Island’s Tasha was ready to quit show over Luca and Dami’s behaviour

Kat O'Connor

“I was ready to walk out”

Tasha Ghouri has revealed she was ready to quit Love Island because of how Dami and Luca treated her.

She revealed that she considered walking out of the villa and even told the producers she wanted to leave.

Even her boyfriend Andrew Le Page said he would leave with her.

However, Luca and Dami eventually apologised to her, but she said she won’t forget the way she was treated.

She may have forgiven the pair, who have both been accused of bullying her, but she said it’s something that really tainted her Love Island experience.

The model told The Sun, “It was a lot – I felt backed into a corner. It’s such an intense environment and hard to escape. You’re stuck in there together. I was ready to walk out.”

“A lot had happened in the space of three days and a lot of it was targeted at me. I was upset.”

During this year’s Love Island, thousands of viewers sent complaints to OfCom about the bullying going on in the villa. Dami and Luca were both accused of bullying 23-year-old Tasha during this year’s series.

“I did kind of walk out. I said [to the show’s producers]: “I’ve had enough” and Andrew said: “I’m gonna go with you.”

Jacques O’Neill was also accused of bullying the reality star. Footage of the sportsman, who quit the show, mocking Tasha was released online. After the video emerged, both Tasha and Andrew unfollowed Jacques. Andrew said that he is standing by Tasha.

During an interview with Heat, Andrew said, “Tasha is my priority and obviously there was a video that came out. We’re trying to move away from it all and just be ourselves and get on with life.”