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03rd Jan 2020

Love Island’s Michael and Joanna finally confront each other after *that* ending

Olivia Hayes

It was mighty awkward to say the least.

Michael Griffiths and Joanna Chimonides had a rather rocky ending to their Love Island relationship. If you remember back, Michael left Amber for Joanna when she arrived in Casa Amor and Amber wasn’t all that happy, to say the least.

However, it really all blew up when Joanna was voted off the island and Michael decided to stay on the show… and then crack back on again with Amber.

It was messy, it was awkward and it was everything that Love Island promises to bring.

Michael and Joanna will appear on this season of Eating With My Ex which premieres on BBC3 this Sunday evening.

During their dinner, they confront each other with what happened on the show, and let’s just say there will be no recoupling ceremony.

Speaking to Metro after filming, Michael said: “We had a bit of a sour departure [on Love Island] shall we say, so it was more to clear the air and chat about what was going on – could we rekindle things and could we be friends?”

Joanna agreed with her former flame, saying: “It was quite nice to put a bit of pressure on him, obviously because the cameras were there, but also it was nice just to lay the cards out on the table and talk about why we reacted in a certain way. It was quite a needed thing.”

Eating With My Ex brings past couple together from all walks of life. Usually, they’re not famous but stars from TOWIE and Geordie Shore have appeared on the show.