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20th Dec 2022

Love Island’s Liberty issues warning after being followed by a man

She had to get the security guard to intervene.

Love Island star Liberty Poole has issued a stark warning to her social media followers after a “scary” incident with a man left her feeling “shaken up”.

On her Instagram stories, Liberty described the frightening encounter which occurred while she was shopping.

She said she had a “gut instinct” when she noticed that a man looked away immediately when she looked at him. He then started following her.

“He was following me and looking at me in the aisles,” she said.

The Love Island star explained that she let a man in the shop know that she felt uncomfortable. The man who was following her eventually left the shop, but Liberty didn’t realise that he was waiting for her outside. She then asked the shop’s security guard if he would walk her to her car as she felt unsafe.

“When I was doing my shopping he went outside and waited in his car and then I said to my security guard, ‘Please can you walk me to the car?’

“By the time he saw me ask the security guard, basically he left so I thought it was safe, so I walked to my car and he followed me to the car.”

The man approached Liberty and said “Excuse me”, and she told him to “fuck off”, which she thinks “scared him away”.

She told her followers: “I’m not one to swear but I was just shaking but just to make people aware. I’m a young woman on my own, I felt vulnerable like please do not not follow girls on their own, they don’t want the attention.”

She later thanked her fans for their messages of support, and assured them that she was safe.

“It’s just so scary to think what could have happened but luckily I’m safe,” she said.

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