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17th Aug 2023

Love Island’s Faye Winter warns her followers after ‘ruining’ her face with filler

Ellen Fitzpatrick


Love Island star Faye Winter has shared a warning to her followers after admitting she “ruined” her face by using fillers.

Taking to Instagram this week, the influencer shared photos of her lip filler journey and shared her regrets over getting them in the first place.

The 28 year old told her 1.2 million followers: “My lips have been a talking point for the last two years and I’m campaigning for only medical professionals to be able to carry out any type of procedure on our faces and inject them with any kind of substance.

“Lets take a look at my journey and go through it in my own words.

“First up we have these lips and they are so lumpy and instead of just having them done by a professional I had to keep having them topped up and they kept getting pumped up real slowly to this is at their biggest.”

She went on to share that after realising she went too far with her lips, she made the conscious decision to get them dissolved.


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It was only then that she realised that her lips had gone wrinkly due to the skin being stretched from the filler.
“There wasn’t an awful lot I could do with them because I had over filled them and over stretched the skin so much,” Faye continued.

“Then I went back to a medically trained professional who put in 0.5ml and this is the result I got and the result I had always wanted.”

Now, Faye is happy with her lips and delighted with the decision to go to a medical professional to get them reshaped.

She concluded: “I ruined my face through over filling and not getting the correct advice. I will talk about my journey because I hope one person will learn from my mistakes.”